Love to see those flaming chicks on your face, feel how pounding your heart


                  You are NERVOUS but so excited because you don't know where true and

                  where is false hahaha you  are thinking what can happen if..... you can feel

                  that soo close, so you can feel the danger this second!


                  This is VERY DANGEROUS GAME  and you know it but you are you can't move and can't stop...

                  Don't think about  it a lot, because I know that my FULL CONTROL

                  as you make you hard, and you can not get rid of that ...


                  NOW I KNOW all your weaknesses,  about how dirty you are and I will take MORE

                  and more, you wouldn't resist me hahaha hahaha...


                 YOU ARE WEAK  near so powerful woman and I own your mind completely......

                 NOW you can just belong and  OBEY ME! Otherwise, I will  RUIN your  LIFE!!

                 But I think you just can be a very good boy? Aren't you? 

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