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Chastity slave Mistress in Christian Louboutin Pumps Heel Fetish

    Keep You locked, control you makes me so excited

           Chastity is a big commitment, and I love controlling you through this process where only I CAN DECIDE when you can be unlocked. I love to keep a close eye on you all the time while you pay me, tease you, give you sometimes to worship my feet, heels, legs and body, to push you on the edge of great feelings, almost fire, almost climax.. but NO, loser, you are in chastity and you will do everything I'd tell you because you like  BEING CONTROLLED BY ME, I own your mind and you OBEY ME because I KNOW BETTER when you must receive pleasure, or maybe you don't at all.


NOW wear CHASTITY DEVICE and come to present me the key, so I could lock you and from this moment control your orgasms.


If you can't handle any more useless loser pay your             now!

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