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Cuckold Mistress Pimpstress rating your small cock

I desire bigger.


Do you really think you are a good boyfriend/husband whatever? Think about it twice. Why do you think your girlfriend/wife is chill with you and doesn't let you go to bed with her anymore? Let me reveal the truth here, perhaps you're a cuckold!

You, the dear the biggest mistake of my life what I can do with you now when you can't satisfy me in bed? Seems like you were born only to serve me, what else are you useful for?

You don't turn me on as a sex object at all since the beginning. You are just useless. and you won't have a chance to give me pleasure, even with your pathetic tries to pump ur little tiny dicklet bigger ahh so useless attempts!  So how can you be good for me? Well, you have just one last option - be good only to make me happy by making all my wishes and desires come true, mmm even kinky ones, ah forgot to mention what kind of men I truly desire. Of course, all, handsome, smart and sexy and, yeah, bigger than you obviously!


Are you ready to finally satisfy me, and listen to my night out stories..I  feel so sorry for you, loser, almost... haha


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