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     You are here, it means you are craving for more, than just stupidly staring at my pictures. I  give you a chance here and now to satisfy me with your tributes. Let's admit you want to be a part of my life, by giving me your hard-earned money. I love seeing your efforts to make an impact on my glamorous lifestyle. I love using you as my personal ATM, draining your wallet for my shopping, bills and holidays.


You have to be proud of this privilege to sit beside me and give away this money, I know it feels so good to be under my spell, by my hypnotizing beauty, feel that rush and your aching balls; my charms are trapping you and drag you deeper and deeper into this addiction. 


I love the fact  I am using you, and you admit it excites you to hell; I am using you as long as you have a positive balance. I know you worked hard for your money, but, in fact, I deserve it more than you! Should I care about your own bills and debts? Maybe, if you are under a long-term contract, but in other ways, I just love to leave your account dry. Yes, it is bad for you, once it starts, it is hard to stop isn't it? I will drain you repeatedly until I ruin you...


  If you've got an empty wallet, there is no place and time in my busy schedule for you, you have to work hard to gain my attention, go to work harder! Wait for the next payday, go get a second or third job, save money, and don`t bother me until you do it right!


Let's see where you could start

The only way to have any relationship with a woman like me is to give me money, presents and spoil...

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