The only way to have any sort of relationship with a woman like me is to give me money, presents and spoil...


  I give you a chance here and now to be my personal wallet.  It drives me on when I am using you as my ATM  machine, draining your wallet for my shopping, bills, holiday times, and many many other things. You have to be proud of this privilege to sit in front of me and spend your money wisely, while you are hypnotized by my charm and beauty, while your balls are aching, YES I know my affection on you ^^Top up my poor tortured credit card by transferring me direct bank wire. Shopping online with me. Spoil the best woman of your pathetic life. 


I am using you and you know that you enjoy that, I am using you as long as you have a positive balance. I really do not care where your money came from and how hard you got them, I do not care about your own bills and debts. Yes, it is bad for you, but when I once have started I can not stop and will drain you over and over untill I ruin your life complitely and you know what ???      I do not feel guilty at all ... 


       I know you want to satisfy me, make me smile and see that exciting flame in my eyes. I am ready anytime to milk you and rape your wallet...

If you got an empty wallet, I do not have space in my head for you - go to work harder, wait for next payday, save money, and don`t bother me until you got them.



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